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Cartoons that put the accent on…

juillet 26, 2014


French accent? Is there such a thing as a neutral accent? I have always dreamed of having a neutral accent, an accent that everybody could understand and accept but it seems that this is impossible. Despite my efforts, people from Quebec or from France always assume that I am from France. What’s more, even when […]

Olivia and Jai; the story of an embittered Mixed-race man

mai 23, 2014


Olivia and Jai! This book is one of the reasons why I want to start blogging again! I had to pay tribute to a story that robbed me off my sleep since I would read it until 2 A.M. at times! What captivated me was the first dialogue between the two main characters, Olivia O’Rourke […]

Quebec Student strike: more fluent in French than English?

juin 16, 2012


Ever since the beginning of the student strike in Quebec, I am under the impression that this strike is more popular among French-Quebecers and less among English Quebecers. It seems that the strike has became a symbol of assertiveness for French-speaking Quebecers. Media coverage on the strike When I follow French-speaking media like Radio-Canada, I […]

Interracial adoption vs same-race placement

mai 12, 2012


Charlize Theron, the white actress from South Africa has adopted Jackson, an African-American boy. Two days ago, the journalists were finally able to get their hands on the picture that sells. Nice photo, multiculturalism at its best you may think. Paradoxically to me it was just another so-so news. I don’t want to sound radical […]

Quebec responsible for the anglicization of its French immigrants

avril 14, 2012


« $2,1 billions from Quebec taxpayers have been used  to fund English courses for French-speaking immigrants. » Similar terms were used to introduce a study published by la Presse Canadienne. According to that study, Quebec is anglicizing its French-speaking immigrants in order to prepare them to the realities of the work market. Viewpoint of a francophone immigrant anglicized […]

Black History Month, is it relevant?

février 12, 2012


February or not, Black of all colors It’s February, I’m Black and I still don’t understand the hype around Black History Month. To be honest, I wonder how relevant it is to have a special month dedicated to people who have such a diversified culture that they don’t even recognize each other. For example I am originally from […]

Immigrant parents too violent? Culture gap in Quebec…

janvier 1, 2012


On December 7th La Presse touched on a touchy issue; the way immigrant parents discipline their children. For years, I have been hearing immigrants saying that parents in Quebec are overly indulgent with their children. On the hand, some Quebeckers seem to think that immigrants are tyrannical with their progeny. Who’s right, Quebeckers or immigrants? […]