Manquins albinos: Connie Chui et Stephens Thompson
« Albino! » In some countries, when you are a little lighter than the norm, you can get called albino even if you’re not.
In primary school, I had a classmate who had light skin, green eyes and blond hair. Stupid kids from our small town used to call him albino simply because he wasn’t dark enough for them. In this specific case, would you consider the word « albino » to be a slur, just like the term « mongoloid« ?

The website Under The Same Sun (an association founded by an albino), is full of links to articles on crimes committed against albinos. In some countries, they are accused of sorcery. In others, they always play the bad, evil and machiavelic guy in popular movies. No wonder many albinos feel unsure about their looks. Albinos are like any other group of individuals; some look prettier than others.

Looking at beauty under a different light

Last year, ABC reported the story of Angel Stillman, a 14-years old albino. Ignoring her family’s advice, Angel decided to pass for a regural white person by modifying her appearance. In fact, she only had to get her eyelashes, eyebrows and hair colored to look different (see before and after piture below).

If she made the choice to blend in, some albinos continue to celebrate their difference in the limelight.
Here are three albino models with an overwhelming beauty and lots of audacity:
– Diandra Forrest, african-american
– Connie Chui, originary from China
– Stephen Thompson, Caucasian

1. Diandra Forrest

2. Connie Chui

3. Stephen Thompson

Not every albino has the opportunity to be famous and admired like Diandra, Connie ou Stephens. Should they imitate Angel or accept themselves as they are?

Disclaimer: Some photos have been slightly modified so that they can all meet a specific format. Lighting and intensity have also been adjusted on some images. None of these pictures belong to hibiscus jaune.

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