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Olivia and Jai; the story of an embittered Mixed-race man

mai 23, 2014


Olivia and Jai! This book is one of the reasons why I want to start blogging again! I had to pay tribute to a story that robbed me off my sleep since I would read it until 2 A.M. at times! What captivated me was the first dialogue between the two main characters, Olivia O’Rourke […]

Quebec responsible for the anglicization of its French immigrants

avril 14, 2012


« $2,1 billions from Quebec taxpayers have been used  to fund English courses for French-speaking immigrants. » Similar terms were used to introduce a study published by la Presse Canadienne. According to that study, Quebec is anglicizing its French-speaking immigrants in order to prepare them to the realities of the work market. Viewpoint of a francophone immigrant anglicized […]

Immigrant parents too violent? Culture gap in Quebec…

janvier 1, 2012


On December 7th La Presse touched on a touchy issue; the way immigrant parents discipline their children. For years, I have been hearing immigrants saying that parents in Quebec are overly indulgent with their children. On the hand, some Quebeckers seem to think that immigrants are tyrannical with their progeny. Who’s right, Quebeckers or immigrants? […]

Feminism jumps in the bandwagon

décembre 4, 2010


Few days ago, enthusiastic Western newspapers reported how indian women punished male passengers who entered in carriages where they aren’t allowed. (You have to see this video.) Since female tourists and indian women kept complaining about the misconduct of male passengers, pink ribbons now indicate train cars where only women are allowed to board. Even […]

Chinafrique vs. Francafrique: repetition or reforms?

septembre 5, 2010


The book I’m currently reading is untitled  « La Chinafrique ». I don’t like the cover because the African looks like a moden slave and the Chinese appears to be the new colonist. I guess that is exactly what the authors of the book (Serge Michel and Michel Beuret, two French journalists) wanted to bring out. While […]

Disiz, I like Les derniers de la rue Ponty

avril 28, 2010


The most popular video on my Youtube is the heated discussion between Disiz la Peste and two absolute pests; Zemmour & Ruquier. On September 12th 2009, the rapper Disiz appears on the set of the French show « On n’est pas couché » to promote his first novel Les derniers de la rue Ponty. In the sequence, we […]