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Olivia and Jai; the story of an embittered Mixed-race man

mai 23, 2014


Olivia and Jai! This book is one of the reasons why I want to start blogging again! I had to pay tribute to a story that robbed me off my sleep since I would read it until 2 A.M. at times! What captivated me was the first dialogue between the two main characters, Olivia O’Rourke […]

Beyoncé posing as Black or White? Now it’s Officiel!

mars 26, 2011


In its latest issue, the French magazine Officiel Paris, displays few pictures of Beyoncé, painted black, supposedly to make her look African. (See all the pictures from the March issue of  Officiel Paris here.) Ironic because in 2008, l’Oreal was accused of digitally bleaching the same Beyonce to make her look white. It has emerged […]

If a lime tree can bear an orange, what box to trick?

août 14, 2010


They are black. She is white. They are of a darker hue with dark frizzy hair. She is a blue eyed infant with blond loose curls. This is the story of Ben and Angela, two black parents who gave birth to a white baby called Nmachi, which means « Beauty of God ». Over a week ago, […]