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Stromae = √Black + √White

juin 24, 2014


I was among the some 11 650 people who gathered at the Bell Centre to see Stromae on June 18th. What is it about him that I find so irresistible? Warm and cold I’ve always thought that electro music was  for party animals and being the nerdy type, I never thought I could relate to Stromae. Things […]

Summary of Nuits d’Afrique; Desert and Multiculturalism are calling

août 4, 2012


The 2012 edition of the Nuits d’Afrique festival ended two weeks ago. Funny that I had to leave Africa to discover its music through one of the most multicultural festival in Montreal. A wide range of music was used to entice Festival goers; West african folklore, Latin America crazy beats and Arab music Desert is calling Maghreb-French group Gnawa Diffusion launched the […]

My Favorite Multicultural singers/performances – Montreal Jazz Festival 2012

juillet 5, 2012


Always on the lookout for weird but multicultural stuff, I went through the schedule of Montreal Jazz Fest with a fine-tooth comb. Below, you will find my suggestions for this 2012 edition of the Festival. If  you can’t attend all the shows, do like me, listen at least to the tracks on the Internet. You […]

Samian kicks off First Peoples’ Festival

août 7, 2011


Two days ago I attended an uber-cultural event; the First Peoples’ Festival. To kick off the Festival, the organizers chose Samian, a Métis artist (half Quebecker, half Algonquin) who raps in Algonquin. For an hour and half, Samian has celebrated his culture with a jovial public opened to diversity. One of the most symbolic moments […]

Italy invites itself to Montreal’s International Jazz Fest!

juillet 2, 2011


Marco Carilli, a Quebecker from Italy I’m glad I did not check the Jazz Fest schedule, because if I had, I would probably have skipped Marco Carialli, an Italo-Quebecker singer from Montreal. When I go to music shows, I am always looking for something out of the ordinary. What coule be more ordinary in Montreal […]