In this beautiful winter season, who does nose recognize himself in these Halls ads?

Would you buy Halls products if you felt as miserable as the characters on these ads? We all like to say that we are smarter than advertizing but think for a minute. See yourself in the drugstore, pressed for time, on your way out. You are still sneezing and you just want to get something, to pretend you are equipped to fight the cold.  Would you turn to a « no name » brand or trust the one whose adsyou see every day in the bus, in the trains and even in the subways alley or elsewhere?

I like these ads because I don’t really feel that I’m being tricked into buying a product with so called extra powers. The characters are not extremely gorgeous, the background is generic and there are no extra artifacts to distract you from the main element; that ugly nose.

Unfortunately, Halls has been using the same pictures for few years in a row. I would have liked to see new characters to create some kind of surprise. Is is a marketing strategy to use the same visuals ever year? If it were the case, I’d be curious to know what kind of results they were hoping to achieve with that. Stability, simplicity, economy?

The indian-looking character was a good move. Going forward, I would have recommanded more « ethnic faces ». I’m not necessarily blaming the company, but could they be lacking creativity? Why not try a dark-skinned person with an irritated nose for instance. How would you illustrate it?

I heard the noses of people with darkest hue turn blue or green instead of red for lighter skin tones. Since I like Photoshop and I enjoy to see the confrontation of different cultures and races, here’s a remix of those Halls shots with the very chick Alek Welek.

A fake Halls commercial featuring Alek Welek with a cold blue-green nose

This image is a fake ad and it wasn’t created by/for Halls. It is a pure invention from the hibiscus, this crazy hibiscus!

Picture credit:
– The original picture of Alek Welek was found on Dark Bohemiia.
– Halls’ ad pictures