Freedom of speech leaves me speechless

Posted on juillet 30, 2010


After a monologue on how stupid Diesel’s stupid campaign is, here is my confession about something very stupid I did. I’ve mistaken a racist for a color blind person. Here’s how.

How I read what I wanted to read

One day, I was looking for WordPress blogs that use the same tags thatr appear on my blog. That’s how I stumbled across Blog R (let’s call it like that).

According to Blog R, statistics reveal a sudden drop in the rate of interracial marriages. It would result in less Obamas in the future.

I only read one post that day. It included statistics illustrating the dropping rate of interracial marriages since Obama became more popular than some pop stars.
Mr. R (the author of Blog R) briefly explained that a mixed race chick in a white house re-awakened certain fears of an emerging black supremacy. When I read it back then, I could only assume that Mr R was denouncing such an unfortunate fact.
So I left two nice comments on his blogs and added Blog R to my blog roll.

How I realized that I was a fool

Three days ago, I visited his blog again. For once, I took the time to examine all his articles. How disturbing! I finally understood that Mr. R wasn’t denouncing the fear of others. He was rather fueling racism with outrageous posts. Here is the kind of things I found on his blog:

– Titles like « Arabs and Blacks are the most delinquents »
– An old study stating that Blacks kids are less intelligent than mixed-race, whites and Asians kids
– A call for Europe to wary of an emerging Asian supremacy
– A Youtube video saying that Blacks and Latino Americans are responsible for the world economy crisis

I quickly realized how stupid how was for thinking this guy was against racism! I was so angry at myself. I quickly left another comment saying that I misunderstood the purpose of his blog and that I wished to retract myself. He erased that comment but of course kept the first two where I was praising him.

Impressed with WordPress

I got mad, frustrated and felt even more stupid. Removing my comments from his blog became an obsession. I felt dirty.
Prompted by timethief, a fellow WordPress blogger, I e-mailed the support staff of WordPress asking if they could do anything of the following:
– add a comment removal feature (which is currently not available) so I could delete my comment,
– remove my comments themselves,
– or ban Mr R.

Within few hours, a WordPress moderator e-mail me:

I'm afraid that we can't get involved; you'll need toget the author of the blog to remove the comments.Thanks,(Name removed)

Thank you for what?
With an answer shorter than Twitter’s 140 characters limit, I looked for rules or regulations that would support a ban request for his blog.
After reading this excerpt from WordPress, I knew my case was hopeless (I underlined some words):

We will not suspend blogs for other reasons you might find objectionable. For example, we don’t suspend blogs for expressing negative personal opinions, for describing a negative experience they have had with a business, or for being generally offensive (see this section on freedom of speech for more information). Instead of asking us to suspend such a blog, please consider either responding in the blog’s comments or on your own blog/site to set the record straight, by simply ignoring the issue (blogs that use insults and bad language tend to have low credibility and low traffic in the first place), or by seeking a court order against the blog.

Yes sure.

The happy ending

When I understood I had to deal with Mr R on my own, I left a last comment on his blog:

Dear author, are you ashamed of your blog? I left a comment explaining that the praises directed to your attention weren’t made at the light of your blatant racism. You deleted that comment but kept the ones I wrote with full naivety.

Since you « love » niggers so much, why do you jealously keep my two comments? I am a good specimen of this race that you dearly wish to demean. By erasing my comments, you use the same spirit of manipulation that operates in you when you publish biased studies to heal your complex of inferiority towards other races.

I wasn’t hoping anything. I was panicked. Few hours later to my big surprise, Mr R deleted all my replies, including the first positive comments I left when I was under the effect of ignorance.


It was very hard for me to write this but I promised @maidiebike that I would cover my own story. Even though I wrote this article to denounce a racist blog, I resolved to not use the real name of this blog or include an URL that will redirect to his page. I’m free too.

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