Brittany Bosco: Singing like an instrument

Posted on janvier 16, 2010


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They did not necessarily knock ’em dead last year. Maybe their style is too disjointed to please the mainstream trend. Maybe we didn’t praise them as much as we should have. Before giving a try to the 2010 newbies, we are going to look into albums from previous years… First stop, Brittany Bosco.

Artist: Brittany Bosco
Album: Spectrum
Date: 2008
Genre: Blues, funk, soul and jazz
Country: U.S.A
Grade: 4/5
Length:43 min

What would you say if an artist published a link allowing visitors to download her entire album? Initial thought: it must be an inexperienced singer who wasn’t confident that she could knock us for a loop… True and false.

Brittany is indeed a fairly new artist. As for her maturity, we must admit that her style is rather… unique. Listening to « Glitch » only will cause you to wonder from what planet she comes from. With that piece and a couple of others, the singer may confuse your hearing. You may not know which ear to turn! Brittany defines herself as « Gnarls meets a new-age Janice Joplin mothered by Sarah Vaughn. » A bit abstract? That’s probably the adjective that describes her style the best.

She said it herself, « I have always wanted to sing like an instrument ». It’s a deal! Britanny offers an album with funk, jazz and blues vibrancies. At first, it sounds like hearing a cock and bull’s story. You have to hang on not to give up too soon.

I won’t lie to you; there won’t be a thousand to boast of being addicted to this type of music. However, some songs can grow on you to the extent that you will find yourselves humming them at your own suprise. It’s a bit like it was part of everything… or nothing.

Here are the favorites of the editorial staff: « It Was You », « Billie’s song » and « Blue for Blues ».
On your marks, get set, listen!

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