A « black token » leads them a merry dance

Posted on novembre 18, 2009


Yade is no Condie

Rama Yade. Many saw in her a black token and Sarkozy wished to make her his « Condie ». Actually, Rama Yade doesn’t have the stoicism of Condeeleza Rice. Furthermore, the U.S. reversed the trend by electing their first Metis President of the history. Determined to chart her own course, Rama Yade keeps on being the talk of the town.

Be pretty and be quiet

The "Naomi Campbell of the Government"

The "Naomi Campbell of the Government"

In 2007, Sarkozy appointed Rama Yade as the Secretary of State for Human Rights and the Foreigh affairs. He stated at the time that he wanted to illustrate the face of diversity. For many, it was a diversion from the image of suburbs’ pyromaniac that he gained when he was still the Minister of Interior. Even if Rama Yade comes from a wealthy family as opposed to a difficult neighbourhood, her skin color seemed to be the card to play. 
Initially nicknamed « the Naomi Campbell of the government » Mrs Yade has never settled for a mere representation of a multi-colored France. She eventually received “crazy horse” as a new nickname because she doesn’t bridle her tongue.

Human Rights hunting

When Sarkozy welcomed Gadhafi, the Libyan President, Rama Yade doesn’t hesitate to spread her discontentment in the press. The young Secretary of State blamed France for accepting “the kiss of death” from a President that violates Human Rights. 
The French newspapers later reported that she was “grounded” because an unhappy Sarkozy went to Pekin without her. He feared that she may damage Sino-French relations by questioning the application the Human Rights in China.

Moving out is a complete workout

The vigorous deployments of Yade created an undeniable discomfort among the party. In June 2009, she joins the Ministry for Health and Sport, under the direction of Minister Roselyne Bachelot.
Allegedly, Sarkzoy withdrew Rama Yade from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs because she couldn’t get along with the Minister for Foreign Affairs. 
Ironically, Rama Yade was also said to have a hard time getting along with Roselyne Bachelot. Answering to those who accuse Rama Yade of playing solo Bachelot said « In a governmental team, you have to know how to play collective. This is what I am kindly telling her as a friend and as a big sister”

Leftie or righty?

François Fillon, French Prime Minister complains that the young spirited Yade bares her soul ”on the plaza”. The next cabinet reshuffle could take place in March 2010. The UMP can take advantage of this opportunity to evict Rama Yade to the Val-d’Oise. Yade is not thrilled about the Val-d’Oise because she doesn’t want an “ethnic candidacy”. Close to 20% of the Val-d’Oise population is made of residents who were born outside the country. The remaining 80% also includes French people of immigrants parents. 

It’s unbearable to hear that I will be the candidate of Africans. –  Rama Yade

The Socialist Vice-President of the Ile-de-France area is now trying to get Rama Yade on the left side. Indeed, there was a time when the Secretary of State from the right wing was in fact at the left. She was recently described as having a spirit of rebellion that demonstrates her left-wing values. The Socialist Party (PS) seems to be ready to give her the Hauts-de-Seine, her home district that she won’t let the UMP take away from her. Since Rama had already accused the PS of being racist in the past, one wonders if she will reach out for their helping hand…