Diam’s, a real somebody!

Posted on septembre 14, 2009


Diam's - I am Somebody

Diam's - I am Somebody

Is Diam’s preparing a come-back for this year? The uncertainty persists. The song « I am Somebody » that will be on her next album is available for download from her official website since the month of June.

In « I am Somebody », Diam’s delivers without inhibitions the rage that she tactlessly held back when she first came out. The same rage that results from the discomfort of being Métis, without land, nor identity. This theme haunts the singer who was born to a French mother and a Cypriot father. No surprise then when she evokes her taste for colors, her enthusiasm as she enumerates the countries she visited during previous tours. « I flee, I travel », she says. Could it be that she feels more at home anywhere but in her own country, France?

Nevertheless, she is still faithful to her anti-left side and she couldn’t help dropping another line to her very dear president, Nicolas Sarkozy! She also shared more friendly words for Barack Obama. With a 9-minute song, who would think Diam’s is running out of ideas? She’s having a blast; us too!

Monday, 14th: visit her official website to download the 2nd single off her upcoming album.