Who’s Gonna Hunt Chris Brown tonight?

Publié le septembre 25, 2009


Chris Brown doing community serviceWe won’t stop hearing about Chris Brown. To recap, the 20-yeard old singer was charged for assaulting his girlfriend of the moment, Rihanna. The singer had asked Oprah Winfrey to invite him on her show so he could give his side of the story. The famous American show host declines his offer. Instead she received instead Jay-Z, Rihanna’s mentor.Talking about his protegee, Jay-Z, Rihanna’s mentor declared:

There’s a contingent of young people who are going through the same situation and no one is their voice. She can be their hero or she can choose not to grow from this.

While Chris Brown is peacefully paying his debt to society, a certain Affion Crokett shot a parody video in  his honor. The clip mimics the concept of the "Run this Town" clip that featured Jay-Z, Kanye West and Rihanna. In three days only, the video reached over 300 000 views and more than a million of comments. Voice-wise the impersonation is successful, especially for Jay-Z’s part. In the chorus, Gina Grant who does Rihanna’s vocals sings:

You got angry, pulled my hair
Broke my tooth, but I don’t care
Then you went on Larry King,
Don’t remember a damn thing
TMZ is in our mind
Only thing that’s on my ming
Who’s gonna hunt Chris Brown tonight

The lyrics go back over Chris Brown’s appearance on the Larry King show. A good way to ironize Chris Brown when he said he had forgotten what happened the night he assaulted his girlfriend. The song also talks about TMZ, the first media to publish a photo showing Rihanna with a swollen face, right after she was given a harsh beating. The wesbite was critized by the public but also by other media. Out of respect for the 21-yeard old singer, many websites refused to publish this photo even though they laeady had it in their possession.

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